Survivors Speak 2016: Honoring, Healing, and Hope

Our latest video Survivors Speak 2016: Honoring Healing and Hope tells the story of our annual Crime Survivors for Safety and Justice program conference. In it you will see the beautiful faces and moments that made this year’s conference so meaningful, impactful and memorable.

Held during National Crime Victims’ Week this past April in Sacramento, Survivors Speak 2016 brought together crime survivors, law enforcement, and advocates for two days of honoring, healing, and hope. Stories and discussions centered on the need to replace over-incarceration with new safety priorities focused on prevention and treatment, with the experiences and voices of crime survivors driving the change.

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Understanding County Budgeting After Proposition 47

Our latest toolkit, created in partnership with the California Budget and Policy Center, is designed to help local advocates understand local budgeting processes and take advantage of this opportunity to improve local investment priorities.


How to Organize a Record Change Clinic

In California, there are more than 4,000 legal restrictions on people with felony convictions, restrictions that prevent employment, housing, and more. Proposition 47 gives hundreds of thousands of Californians a chance at stability and dignity. But the only way for Californians to find out if they are eligible and get relief under Proposition 47 is to know about the law change and get help completing the paperwork. That’s where you come in!



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