Local Safety Solutions Project

Through projects, tools and partners, we’re supporting counties using innovative approaches to increase safety and reduce costs.


Health Matters: Expanding Health Care Access for People in the Justice System

Our Health Matters project offers training and support to counties to extend health coverage and access to care (including mental health and substance abuse treatment) for people in the justice system, while reducing costs. We can provide key information about how counties and justice system officials can leverage opportunities within health reform implementation, and how they can design a new coverage enrollment program that targets jail and probation populations – or improve an existing one.

Pretrial Solutions

Pretrial Solutions is a joint partnership between Californians for Safety and Justice’s Local Safety Solutions Project and the Crime and Justice Institute, offering a variety of resources for pretrial and criminal justice practitioners. Click here to visit the Pretrials Solutions webpage for more resources. 

The California Reentry Council Network (CRCN) is consists of local reentry councils, roundtables or task forces from around the state. Diverse stakeholders (government and community entities) work together to improve the policies and programs that affect people returning to their communities from jails and prisons.


We’re producing a series of toolkits that can help counties identify areas to enhance risk management and save resources. Resources and tools that we have created include:

Meeting the Needs of Women in California's County Justice Systems

This toolkit describes how counties can benefit from developing criminal justice solutions focused on women. It is designed to provide sheriff’s departments, probation departments, practitioners and other leaders with a blueprint for addressing women under local supervision. Learn more. 

Contra Costa County Successes

A new analysis of justice practices in Contra Costa County finds that coordination among agencies, frequent use of split sentencing and probation, and shorter probation terms have mitigated the impacts of Public Safety Realignment and resulted in lower-than-average recidivism rates.  Learn more. 

The New CalRealignment.org

CalRealignment.org has a new look and resources, providing county officials updates and guidance on the most effective strategies to improve safety and reduce costs. The site also includes promising models from California counties and the latest research.

Creating an Effective Pretrial Program

Working with the Crime and Justice Institute at CRJ, we’ve developed a toolkit for counties interested in pretrial programs that can reduce jail pressures and costs by managing certain people in the community as they await court dates. Learn more.

Health Coverage Enrollment Toolkit

New health insurance and funding options can help counties provide treatment to people cycling in and out of their justice system with mental health and addiction problems. This toolkit explains how counties can leverage these opportunities to reduce costs and crime. Learn more.

How to Assess Your Jail Population

Our toolkit helps county officials collect data and assess important aspects of their jail population to identify its drivers and evaluate strategies to reduce costs and improve outcomes. Download here.


To educate and help counties adopt best practices, we collaborate with top experts in the field, such as:

California Forward's Partnership for Community Excellence

Crime & Justice Institute

JFA Institute (James Austin, Ph.D.)



Help Californians win new safety priorities. We pledge to support smart justice strategies that increase safety and reduce costs. Join our efforts to save justice system money so we can invest in prevention, education and health. Click here to read more.