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 As part of our Local Safety Solutions Project, Californians for Safety and Justice is working with counties across California on “Health Matters,” a public education campaign to educate justice-involved populations about their health care options. 

County officials, probation offices, sheriff’s offices, and other county agencies are encouraged to join the campaign and utilize the free resources and educational materials on this page.

The Significance of Health Coverage

The Affordable Care Act and California's expansion of Medi-Cal provides a huge opportunity for counties to connect justice-involved populations - people on parole or exiting prisons and jails – with access to health care. 

Through Medi-Cal expansion, populations that historically have not had access to health insurance are eligible for free or low-cost health care.  Coverage includes:

  • Doctor, hospital and emergency room visits
  • Mental health and addiction treatment services
  • Prescription drugs
  • Maternity and newborn care
  • Laboratory services
  • Some dental and vision care

 A large percentage of individuals that cycle in and out of the justice system do not have health insurance and suffer from chronic health problems, including mental illness and addiction disorders. These unresolved health problems contribute to recidivism -- and high costs in the justice system.

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Free resources for those working with justice-involved populations:

Briefing: Health Coverage Enrollment of California's Local Criminal Justice Population - This September 2014 briefing highlights county efforts to enroll local justice populations into health coverage. Click here to view the survey findings, and/or watch a recording of the briefing

Report: Enrollment Efforts for California’s Justice-Involved Population – This report is a follow up to the September 2014 survey to assess progress and practices counties have made to enroll the justice-involved population in health coverage. 

Health Coverage Enrollment Toolkit

Toolkit:  Health Coverage Enrollment  - This toolkit explains how counties can leverage these opportunities to reduce costs and crime. 

This September 2014 briefing highlights county efforts to enroll local justice populations into health coverage, including Medi-Cal. Click here to view the survey findings, and/or watch a recording of the briefing

Medi-Cal Outreach Videos

 This video provides an easy-to-understand overview of  Medi-Cal health coverage benefits and can be played in jails, prisons, probation offices, reentry facilities, and community based organizations that work with justice-involved populations.

Download This Video from Safe and Just on Vimeo.

Download This Video from Safe and Just on Vimeo.


Medi-Cal Outreach Posters 

These FREE 11x 17 posters are available for your use in waiting rooms, offices, and areas accessed by justice-involved populations.  Order the posters using this form.

Resources for individuals seeking health coverage:

To apply or for free help in enrolling, visit or call 800-300-1506.

Apply online:

Learn more about Medi-Cal:

To learn more about how immigration status impacts eligibility:

To learn about Medi-Cal enrollment options for former foster youth:

To request outreach materials: use this form

In Los Angeles County, My Health LA provides free primary care to undocumented immigrants. To learn more, visit

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