Pretrial Solutions

Pretrial Solutions is a joint partnership between Californians for Safety and Justice’s Local Safety Solutions Project and the Crime and Justice Institute, offering a variety of resources for pretrial and criminal justice practitioners. We are pleased to offer support with the following tools:



Pretrial Progress - A Survey of Pretrial Practices and Services: A survey of California counties reveals the extent (and growth) of pretrial services in the state as local officials work to better manage their jail populations, along with a legal brief explaining how such services work within California law. Click here to learn more and view the companion legal brief. 


Pretrial Toolkit: Creating an Effective Pretrial Program is a helpful resource for counties interested in pretrial programs that can reduce jail pressures and costs by managing certain people in the community as they await court dates. It is a joint publication by Californians for Safety and Justice and the Crime and Justice Institute. 



Pretrial Postings: Check below for regular postings on the latest pretrial policies and practices, resources and reports, and examples of effective local strategies.

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Across the Country: Findings and tools from across the nation that can inform the pretrial work happening here in California. 
Inside California: State- and county-based best practices, profiles and highlights. 
Events: Postings on upcoming events of interest to criminal justice practitioners, as well as summaries of past events. 
Research and Policy: Highlights of noteworthy research and policy reports pertaining to pretrial.  
Help Desk Archive: A collection of inquires to our pretrial help desk, along with answers from our experts. (Entries are posted only with the permission of those who submitted a question.) 

International Community Corrections Association’s 2014 Conference: Focus on Pretrial Justice

Across the Country, Events

The International Community Corrections Association’s (ICCA) 50th anniversary conference features a workshop on Doing What Matters in Pretrial: Tools for Analyzing the Impact of Pretrial Interventions

NAPSA Conference Features The Colorado Story

Across the Country, Events

Denver, Colorado discussed state and local changes to pretrial policy and practice at the NAPSA conference.

Why Sheriffs Should Champion Pretrial Services

Across the Country

In a recent publication by the National Sheriffs Association, three sheriffs describe the critical functions of pretrial services and what sheriffs can do to support and enhance them. 

National Criminal Justice Association Talks Pretrial at Annual Forum

Across the Country, Events

The NCJA National Forum on Criminal Justice offered discussions on “integrating, research, policy and technology to improve public safety” in pretrial justice.  

Californians for Safety and Justice Hosts Conversation on Pretrial Justice and State Policy

Inside California, Events, Research and Policy

Representatives from the California State Assembly and the Legislative Analyst’s Office discuss best practices in pretrial, what’s working in California, and potential directions for state policy.

National Association of Counties Highlights Healthcare Access and Pretrial Justice

Events, Research and Policy

At the Annual Conference of the National Association of Counties (NACo), county officials discussed strategies to expand health insurance enrollment for pretrial defendants under the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act.

The Cost of Pretrial Justice

Research and Policy

New publications from the Crime and Justice Institute at CRJ explore the costs of pretrial justice, from jail to job loss to victimization. Click here to learn more. 

Making Pretrial Work: Success Stories from Kentucky and Colorado

Across the Country

As part of a series of webinars on pretrial reform, Pretrial Justice Institute highlighted lessons learned from Kentucky and Jefferson County, Colorado as they transition to systems that incorporate risk assessment along with bail.  The webinars are available for download here.

Registration now open for the NAPSA Annual Conference!


The National Association of Pretrial Services Agencies (NAPSA) will be holding its annual conference and training institute September 7-10, 2014 in Denver, Colorado. NAPSA is the national professional organization for pretrial, and the California Association of Pretrial Services is a local affiliate. For details about the conference, including registration, visit the NAPSA conference website.

Toolkit: Creating an Effective Pretrial Program

Research and Policy

Crime and Justice Institute at CRJ and Californians for Safety and Justice, we have developed a toolkit for county officials interested in creating or expanding pretrial programs that can reduce jail pressures and costs. Click here to access the toolkit and other resources. 



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