Pretrial Postings

International Community Corrections Association’s 2014 Conference: Focus on Pretrial Justice

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The International Community Corrections Association’s (ICCA) 50th anniversary conference features a workshop on Doing What Matters in Pretrial: Tools for Analyzing the Impact of Pretrial Interventions

NAPSA Conference Features The Colorado Story

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Denver, Colorado discussed state and local changes to pretrial policy and practice at the NAPSA conference.

Why Sheriffs Should Champion Pretrial Services

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In a recent publication by the National Sheriffs Association, three sheriffs describe the critical functions of pretrial services and what sheriffs can do to support and enhance them. 

National Criminal Justice Association Talks Pretrial at Annual Forum

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The NCJA National Forum on Criminal Justice offered discussions on “integrating, research, policy and technology to improve public safety” in pretrial justice.  

Making Pretrial Work: Success Stories from Kentucky and Colorado

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As part of a series of webinars on pretrial reform, Pretrial Justice Institute highlighted lessons learned from Kentucky and Jefferson County, Colorado as they transition to systems that incorporate risk assessment along with bail.  The webinars are available for download here.



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