Smart Policies

Our first priority is a justice system that effectively manages risk and puts safety first. We must hold people who break the law accountable, get treatment to those who need it, and support victims through smart justice strategies that improve safety and reduce costs.

Our policy goals include: 

Prevention: The best way to stop crime is to prevent it. Investments in early childhood education, schools and community health prevent crime.

Prioritizing Justice Dollars: Using our justice system dollars wisely means prioritizing serious and violent crime with our law enforcement resources and using effective pre-trial, community supervision and rehabilitation programs instead of costly jail and prison beds for low-risk people. Adjusting our priorities improves justice system effectiveness, reduces prison and jail populations and saves taxpayer dollars.

Effective Sentencing: Our sentences should fit the crime, effectively manage risk and puts safety first. The best sentences emphasize accountability and work to stop the cycle of crime, which reduces repeat victimization, recidivism and taxpayer expense.

Victim Support: Victims need support and opportunities to heal and get back on their feet. Preventing repeat victimization is not only the right thing to do for someone who has suffered from crime but also makes our communities safer and reduces law enforcement costs.

Health Solutions: Many of the main drivers of crime are health problems: addiction and mental health issues. The more we invest in accessible and effective treatment, the less we spend justice system resources on problems it is not designed to solve.

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