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We need to make sure we have the right priorities to achieve safety. We can’t waste a single taxpayer dollar on old methods that don’t stop the cycle of crime.

Smart justice means focusing our prison and justice dollars on victim support programs, serious crime, building effective rehabilitation and investing in prevention, education and health as the cornerstone of our safety agenda.

Safe and Smart Priorities

I pledge to support smart justice strategies – because safe communities start:

  1. With smart investments. We need to expand investments in early childhood education and schools, health, and violence prevention – programs proven to improve our kids’ life chances and prevent crime.
  2. When we break the cycle of crime. Our justice system should focus on strategies that work to stop repeat cycles of crime and victimization.
  3. When victims get support. Victims deserve to get all of their needs met, including financial, mental and physical health, and wellness so they can get out of harm’s way and get back on their feet.
  4. When the punishment fits the crime. Our sentences should emphasize accountability and common sense.
  5. By solving health problems with health solutions. By expanding public health programs, people seeking help with addiction or mental health issues can stop cycling in and out of jails and prisons.


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