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Safe and Sound: Strategies to Save a Billion in Prison Costs and Build New Safety Solutions

Today, California stands at a decisive moment. The time is now to further reduce state incarceration and prison spending to finally achieve a balanced approach to public safety. We have much to celebrate. A 25% drop in state prison incarceration, A 10% statewide average drop in county jail populations. A 64% drop in the number of people on state parole and a 22% drop in the number of felony filings in criminal courts annually. And California’s crime rate is maintaining a historic low. Learn More »

Second Chances and Systems Change, How Proposition 47 is Changing California

Today, California stands poised to take the experiences and lessons of Proposition 47 implementation to the next level and go further to replace over-incarceration with a balanced approach to public safety that prioritizes prevention, rehabilitation and community health. Learn More » is your one-stop web portal for all things related to criminal justice policy in California. This site provides real-time information on criminal justice legislation, contact information for legislators, and opportunities and resources to get involved.

Alliance for Safety and Justice

Check out our partner Alliance for Safety and Justice a national organization that aims to win new safety priorities in states across the country.

Understanding County Budgeting After Proposition 47

Our latest toolkit, created in partnership with the California Budget and Policy Center, is designed to help local advocates understand local budgeting processes and take advantage of this opportunity to improve local investment priorities. Learn More »

County Health Coverage Enrollment Efforts for California's Justice-Involved Populations

County Health Coverage Enrollment Efforts for California's Justice-Involved Populations Increasing health care access for people in the criminal justice system is an important part of smart justice. People in the justice system have much higher rates of chronic illness and lower rates of health coverage. By enrolling people in the justice system into health care, local leaders can help them address underlying health issues while reducing recidivism, cutting costs, and increasing stability. ...

How to Organize a Record Change Clinic

In California, there are more than 4,000 legal restrictions on people with felony convictions, restrictions that prevent employment, housing, and more. Proposition 47 gives hundreds of thousands of Californians a chance at stability and dignity. But the only way for Californians to find out if they are eligible and get relief under Proposition 47 is to know about the law change and get help completing the paperwork. That’s where you come in! Learn More »

Victims of Crime Act and the Need for Advocacy

Too often, crime survivors, especially repeat victims of crime, lack access to basic supports to address trauma and get help with recovery. There is a new opportunity to increase funding for programs that serve the people and communities most harmed by violence and crime and least helped. Learn More »

Helping Immigrant Clients With Proposition 47 and Other Post-Conviction Legal Options

When an immigrant commits a crime, they are held accountable just like other Californians, but criminal convictions — even for low-level, nonviolent crimes — can have far more long-term consequences for immigrants than for citizens. In fact, in terms of public safety, it is important to consider the long-term impact of destabilizing families when someone is deported due to contact with the criminal justice system. Learn More »

Pretrial Progress – and Opportunities – in California

A survey of California counties reveals the extent (and growth) of pretrial services in the state as local officials work to better manage their jail populations, along with a legal brief explaining how such services work within California law. Learn More »

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Help Californians win new safety priorities. We pledge to support smart justice strategies that increase safety and reduce costs. Join our efforts to save justice system money so we can invest in prevention, education and health. Click here to read more.