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Victims of Crime Act and the Need for Advocacy

Too often, crime survivors, especially repeat victims of crime, lack access to basic supports to address trauma and get help with recovery. There is a new opportunity to increase funding for programs that serve the people and communities most harmed by violence and crime and least helped. 

We’ve put together a toolkit - “Victims of Crime Act and the Need for Advocacy” - to help crime survivors and advocates learn about this new opportunity and organize to access funding.  Please check out our new toolkit and share it with groups you think may benefit from getting involved!

Here’s the background:    

Last year, the U.S. Congress increased the funding cap of the 1984 Victims of Crime Act (VOCA) from $757 million to $2.3 billion.

The funding increase of over 200% provides an unprecedented opportunity to advocate for funds go to communities that are most harmed and least helped.

Our 2013 California Crime Victims survey showed that a majority of crime victims – who are more likely to be low-income, young, and Latino or African American – are unaware of the full array of available victim services.  And of those who used the services, nearly half found them difficult to access.

One of the key elements to improving public safety and health outcomes is helping crime survivors, families and communities recover from the long lasting impact of trauma caused by crime.

The increase in VOCA funding can help close the tremendous gaps in services and address barriers experienced by overlooked and underserved communities.

Please download this toolkit and share it with your network. By elevating the voices of crime survivors, building state-based advocacy capacity, and raising awareness, we can begin to see improvements in safety and healing in all our communities.



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