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Second Chances and Systems Change, How Proposition 47 is Changing California

Second Chances and Systems Change, How Proposition 47 is Changing California

“I had to be honest with myself and take responsibility for the part that I played and break the cycle.” - Ingrid Archie

In August of 2015, Ingrid Archie was released from state prison after petitioning the court for resentencing under Proposition 47.  With support from A New Way of Life Re-Entry Project, Ingrid has been able to find stable housing, hold two jobs, and regain custody of her children.

Ingrid is one of the many stories featured in our newest report – Second Chances and Systems Change, How Proposition 47 is Changing California.

Passed in November 2014, Proposition 47 sought to reduce incarceration and felony convictions for nonviolent crimes and reallocate from prison spending to prevention, treatment and victim services. It has been an unprecedented justice reform measure. In just over two years, incarceration numbers have plummeted, local justice systems have altered and hundreds of thousands of Californians have applied to change their record under Proposition 47.

Today, California stands poised to take the experiences and lessons of Proposition 47 implementation to the next level and go further to replace over-incarceration with a balanced approach to public safety that prioritizes prevention, rehabilitation and community health.

Here are a few of the impacts of Proposition 47 so far:

·      280,001 petitions for resentencing or record change filed so far

·      15,000 fewer incarcerated in California prisons and jails

·      $68 million in state savings in year one

·      Over 75 community and labor groups engaged in Proposition 47 implementation

·      More than 150 community events held in the last two years about Proposition 47 and reclassifying prior criminal records

Proposition 47 has sparked a movement and an important conversation about the future of safety and justice policy in California. Read the report to learn how California is changing and where the state needs to go next to advance smart justice and community health.


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