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Policing Innovations

A project of the Local Safety Solutions Project, Policing Innovations works with police departments across the state to promote new approaches to increase community safety. This site will feature profiles of successful and innovative strategies from police departments from across California, perspectives from local law enforcement leaders, and resources. Learn More »

Issue Brief: Proven Ways to Reduce Low-Level Offenses, Taxpayer Costs

Our new guide showcases innovative models for reducing low-level crime and costs, including community-based partnerships that more effectively break the cycle of crime. Learn More »

Toolkit: Meeting the Needs of Women in California's County Justice Systems

This toolkit describes how counties can benefit from developing criminal justice solutions focused on women. It is designed to provide sheriff’s departments, probation departments, practitioners and other leaders with a blueprint for addressing women under local supervision. Learn More »

Survey: County Health Care Enrollment Efforts

California counties now have new opportunities to enroll people leaving jail and on probation in expanded Medi-Cal (paid for with federal dollars) to increase access to mental health and drug/alcohol treatment. Are they taking advantage? Read our survey to learn more. Learn More »

Report: Latino Voices

Read our report on Latino experiences with crime, the justice system and growing consensus for changes. Additionally, we partnered with the Tomás Rivera Policy Institute (at the University of Southern California) to create three microsites that dives more deeply into these and other issues. Learn More »

Pretrial Solutions

Californians for Safety and Justice’s Local Safety Solutions Project and the Crime and Justice Institute are pleased to announce the launch of Pretrial Solutions, an online resource offering a suite of tools for county officials (including pretrial and criminal justice practitioners) working to improve safety and reduce costs. Learn More »

Report: Repeat Crime Victims in California

A new report on repeat victimization in California adds to the body of research showing that traditional notions of who crime victims are and what they need from the justice system are misguided. Inability to access recovery services increases risk of repeat harm. Learn More »

Report on Contra Costa County Successes

A criminologist's new analysis of justice practices in Contra Costa County finds that coordination among agencies, frequent use of split sentencing and probation, and shorter probation terms have mitigated the impacts of Public Safety Realignment and resulted in lower-than-average recidivism rates. Learn More »

The New has a new look and resources, providing county officials updates and guidance on the most effective strategies to improve safety and reduce costs. The site also includes promising models from California counties and the latest research. Learn More »

Toolkit: Creating an Effective Pretrial Program

Working with the Crime and Justice Institute at CRJ, we’ve developed a toolkit for counties interested in pretrial programs that can reduce jail pressures and costs by managing certain people in the community as they await court dates. Learn More »

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Help Californians win new safety priorities. We pledge to support smart justice strategies that increase safety and reduce costs. Join our efforts to save justice system money so we can invest in prevention, education and health. Click here to read more.