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Report: California Crime Victims' Voices

Who are California crime victims? How does crime impact them and their thinking? What are their unmet needs – and experience with victim services? We explore these questions and more in a report with the first survey data from California survivors. Learn More »

Toolkit: Health Coverage Enrollment

New health insurance and funding options can help counties provide treatment to people cycling in and out of their justice system with mental health and addiction problems. This toolkit explains how counties can leverage these opportunities to reduce costs and crime. Learn More »

Community Corrections – Key to Public Safety

Under Realignment, community corrections (supervised probation and the use of evidence-based practices and performance-based funding) are more important than ever for holding people accountable and reducing recidivism. Learn More »

Health Reform Enrollment Fact Sheet

As California implements health care reform, there are opportunities to provide people with coverage to treat mental health and addiction problems that drive cycles of crime. Learn how. Learn More »

2012 Post-Election Survey of California Voters

Survey of Californians who voted in the November 2012 election reveals which voters passed Prop 36, why and what other changes and perspectives they support. Click here for the press release and report.

Law Enforcement Discuss Future Criminal Justice Changes

LAPD Chief Charlie Beck speaks as part of our November 9 panel of law enforcement leaders about possible changes to the criminal justice system. Click here to learn what they and leading criminal justice researchers discussed. Learn More »

Toolkit: How to Assess Jail Populations

This toolkit helps county officials determine how to assess important aspects of their jail population to enhance risk management and expand effective community supervision programs. Learn More »

Pretrial Programs

California Forward's Partnership for Community Excellence developed this comprehensive a guide on pretrial program examples and best practices for California counties. Download here.
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