Crime Survivors for Safety and Justice

At the center of Californians for Safety and Justice's efforts to achieve smarter justice are the nearly 6,000 members of Crime Survivors for Safety and Justice, our statewide network that gives survivors of crime a voice in public policy. 

In this video, hear from members of our Crime Survivors for Safety and Justice network about their insights into how healing communities is not just important for victims but also necessary to prevent crime.

Crime Survivors for Safety and Justice at National Crime Victims' Week, 2013

Central to our work is the recognition that survivors deserve a justice system that prioritizes healing, prevention and recovery – and too often these are unmet. Most individuals and communities experiencing crime need avenues to tell their stories and influence criminal justice responses and policies. To create these opportunities, Crime Survivors for Safety and Justice is:

  • Building a statewide network via local chapters to advocate for policies that best serve individuals, families and communities impacted by crime – and to stop cycles of victimization and crime;
  • Conducting research with survivors across the state to identify the priority issues and needs – and to let policymakers know how to help victims (read example reports here);
  • Advocating for smarter policies on the state and local level, including successfully working to expand the use of existing state dollars for more trauma recovery centers; and
  • Producing a resource for survivors on available support services throughout California.   

We currently have 5 chapters in our network (based in the San Francisco Bay Area, Fresno, Los Angeles, Sacramento and San Diego) that are working in and with communities impacted by crime.  To learn more about how to get involved in your area, contact us at



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