Survivors Speak: 2014 Conference

April 6 - 7, 2014
Crime Survivors for Safety and Justice hosted its first-ever conference in  Sacramento April 6-7, 2014. “Survivors Speak: Charting a New Course for  Safety and Justice” convened 300+ survivors of crime and people from  communities impacted by crime from across California to focus on  strategies for healing and advocating for survivors and public safety. Visit our Facebook page to view photos from the event and click here to watch video recordings from the day. 

About Us

Californians for Safety and Justice works to replace prison and justice system waste with common sense solutions that create safe neighborhoods and save public dollars. Through policy advocacy, public education, partnerships and support for local best practices, Californians for Safety and Justice promotes effective criminal justice strategies to stop the cycle of crime, reduce over-reliance on incarceration and build healthy communities. Crime Survivors for Safety and Justice, a program of Californians for Safety and Justice, is a statewide network of victims and survivors advocating for policies that best serve those impacted by crime – and stop cycles of victimization and crime.

Conference Agenda

SUNDAY: 4/6/14 - North Steps of the State Capitol (at L Street), Sacramento, CA

Block Party: 5:00 – 8:00pm
Bringing the Healing Block Party at the steps of the Capitol with spoken word performances, a healing circle, food trucks and more! 

MONDAY: 4/7/14 - Sheraton Grand Sacramento, 1230 J Street, Sacramento, CA

Breakfast and Registration: 8:00 – 9:00am

Morning Plenary: 9:00 – 10:30am
Crime Survivors Leadership Panel: Inspirational panel of survivors of crime from a range of backgrounds discussing their victim experience and how they now work to heal themselves and their community. 

Morning Breakout Sessions: 11:00am – 12:30pm
What is Trauma and How Do I Heal?: A Pathway to Resiliency
What is trauma, and how do we as individuals and as communities heal from it? Join us for a panel discussion on the personal and societal impact of trauma, the lasting impact of childhood trauma and strategies for recovery.
Cheryl Cranshaw, MFT - Clinical Supervisor, Insight Prison Project
Rachel Grant. M.A. - Sexual Abuse Recovery Coach, Beyond Surviving
Suzy Loftus - Chief Operating Officer, Center for Youth Wellness
Sonya Shah - Advocacy Director, Insight Prison Project; Leadership Team member, Crime Survivors for Safety and Justice  (facilitator)

Increasing Community Access to Trauma Recovery Services
Accessing services is a difficult process for many survivors of crime, who are often left to navigate complex systems to get the support they need, coupled with lack of information on services available. Hear from survivors of crime on their experiences and lessons learned, as well as from trauma recovery service providers on their successes and challenges with community outreach, as we explore strategies to increase access to these needed services.
Alicia Boccellari, Ph.D - Director, UCSF Trauma Recovery Center
Bita Ghafoori, Ph.D - Coordinator of Marriage and Family Therapy Program & Professor; Director, Long Beach Trauma Recovery Center
Kathy Young-Hood
 - Social Justice Advocate; Leadership Team member, Crime Survivors for Safety and Justice
Adela Barajas - Founder and Executive Director, Life After Uncivil Ruthless Acts (L.A.U.R.A); Leadership Team member, Crime Survivors for Safety and Justice  (facilitator)
Vicky Lindsey - Leadership Team member, Crime Survivors for Safety and Justice (facilitator)

What Would Survivor-Centered Justice Look Like?
This session provides an overview of alternative and restorative justice models, and hear from local policymakers who are exploring new approaches to justice that value the voices and needs of survivors.
Sujatha Baliga - Director, Restorative Justice Project, National Council on Crime and Delinquency; Leadership Team member, Crime Survivors for Safety and Justice 
Rita Chairez - Coordinator, Victims of Crime Ministry, Office of Restorative Justice, Archdiocese of Los Angeles
Dionne Wilson
- Survivor/Victim Outreach Coordinator and Leadership Team member, Crime Survivors for Safety and Justice (facilitator)

Youth Speak: Beyond the Face of Trauma (youth track)
Explore the complex reach of trauma through the eyes of our youth.  Hear stories of survival that offer a deeper perspective on how far reaching such life events can be, the paths they can send a child on and the support and healing that is possible. This is both a space to gain greater understanding and to experience healing potential.
Facilitated by: A.R.C: Anti-Recidivism Coalition

Lunch: 12:30 – 2:15pm

Keynote Address:  George Gascon, District Attorney of San Francisco

Guest Speaker: Mayor Aja Brown, City of Compton

Afternoon Breakout Sessions: 2:30 – 4:00pm
Survivors Speak: How Can My Voice Change Policy?
Criminal justice reform is a hotbed issue in California politics, especially in an election year, and survivors of crime have a vital and needed perspective to share with policymakers. This training-style session will give you hands-on experience on how to leverage your voice and experience to advocate for changes in the justice system that reverse the tide of mass incarceration, on both a local and state level.
Milena Nelson Blake - Policy and Legislative Advocate, Californians for Safety and Justice
Robert Rooks - Organizing Director, Californians for Safety and Justice
David Guizar - Development Consultant, Reverence Wellness Center; Leadership Team member, Crime Survivors for Safety and Justice (facilitator)

Healthy Interventions: How Victims Services Can Address Repeat Victimization
Barriers to accessing trauma recovery and other necessary services can often lead to cycles of violence and victimization in communities impacted by crime. We will share and discuss what factors contribute to repeat victimization and what services victims of crime need the most. We will also share findings from the latest Warren Institute report on this topic, commissioned by Californians for Safety and Justice.
Anne Marks - Executive Director, Youth ALIVE!
Heather Warnken, Esq., LL.M. - Legal Policy Associate, Warren Institute on Law and Public Policy; Leadership Team member, Crime Survivors for Safety and Justice
Adela Barajas
 - Founder and Executive Director, L.A.U.R.A.; Leadership Team member, Crime Survivors for Safety and Justice (facilitator) 

Common Ground: Coalition Building Among Under-Represented Communities
Survivors of crime from under-represented communities are often disproportionately impacted by crime, both in terms of their chances of repeat victimization as well as being able to access services to recover. Hear from advocates and survivors of crime from a broad spectrum of backgrounds as we collectively share struggles, successes and strategies to partner and organize collectively.
Dr. Suzanne Adams 
Susan Burton
- Founder and Executive Director, A New Way of Life Reentry Project
Ariana Gil Nafarrate - Immigrant Rights Organizer & Outreach Coordinator, Mujeres Unidas y Activas
Aqeela Sherrills - Victims Outreach Strategist and Leadership Team member, Crime Survivors for Safety and Justice (facilitator)  

Youth Speak: Healing through Dramatic Play, Embodiment and Social Action (youth track)
Youth from Oakland will guide the group in a series of dramatic arts exercises that access our intuitive capacity to heal and hold each other through creative expression. Through improvisation, laughter, embodiment and poetic/abstract/lyrical movement, we will acknowledge our stories as victims/survivors, honor our common humanity and strategize solutions through spontaneous play.
Facilitated by: BAY-Peace: Better Alternatives for Youth

Closing: 4:00 – 4:30pm

Ongoing Sessions:
Compartiendo y Valorizando Nuestras Historias (Sharing and Valuing Our Stories) (all day: workshop will be in Spanish)
The open space workshop will be a space for Spanish speaking participants to discuss key themes and topics of the conference. The facilitated open space format will provide a democratic framework for enabling participants to create their own program of discussions that will build on the wisdom and intellect of victims/survivors experiences in the room. The goal of the open space format is to create a community, discuss issues impacting Spanish speaking victims/survivors and steps to address those issues.
Facilitator: Javier Stauring - Co-Director, Office of Restorative Justice, Archdiocese of LA

Healing Space (all day)
Ongoing and throughout the day, three trained counselors will be available to provide support, one-on-one counseling, facilitate prayer, healing circles and other support needed to help conference attendees manage their feelings, emotions and state-of-mind which may become triggered due to discussions from conference. This space is not a substitute for emergency support. It is a safe space for people that would like to get away from conference activities and connect with professional service providers or others going through a difficult time as a result of their victim experience.



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